China Communist and Taiwan Military do your duty to kill all "High.Y.What.Bowel." China Communist and Taiwan Military do your duty to use whatever available means to kill all 海外華報 or 僑報 no matter it is backed by the name of Taiwan, China, HongKong, Singapore or beyond. You need set con 代償centrate camp to ship back all those 海外華報 or 僑報 workers if they choose to back to Mainland China or Taiwan, and kill all those hiding, wondering overseas, you need kill all those who use money to buy those 海外 襯衫華報 or 僑報 customers and those who spending money to buy commercial space from those 海外華報 or 僑報 姦3淫蟲; you need to know that 報紙 workers must live in the simplest life to keep 報人.Duh.仙.Phone.Dow.骨; 報人 need to live in th 婚禮顧問e tougher life in order to be able to see death lightly to be more brave than your troops "Boot.Pot.死", do not allow those 海外華報 or 僑報 crawling out of your sight to chain with "內繩.Y.Grade.吃裡.Pot.Y." to finish all of you invisibly. Any one like 好房網s to read Chinese, Taiwanese news, world wide web site in Mainland China and Taiwan, and HongKong good enough to feed the needs. Singapore should not allow to have Chinese paper in any way, because their country builder(s) must have had too disgusting of China to willing to back t 裝潢o his Chinese land, rather be the begger to beg Malaysia giving them the mercy lot. You are "Bi.Lay", you can have only one option to be Good Loser, you must not follow other low lower lowest race like "His.Panic"(they are too stupid bad ugly evil to know Chinese good honest clause "Chen.Jer.Way.Won.Bi.J 借貸er.Way.Cold", they are too stupid bad ugly evil to know that themself as "Cold" overwhelmmed USA, must mean their first place already overwhelmmed by other "Cold", they must have no way to return to have the freedom to meet decent life.) "喧.Bean.奪.Drew.". You are Chinese, the most popular country in the world, you dare "喧.Bean 西裝外套.奪.Drew." "7.Sun.Pot.U(gly)", you are dying. You are Taiwanese, you don't like to be called Chinese, do not leave Taiwan to show your Chinese face in front of the rest of the world. Shame on stupid bad ugly evil ChenSwayBian "Dyo.Ren.現.Yan.", stupid bad ugly evil ChenSwayBian too stupid bad ugly evil to know that those who admit "R.O.C." don& 烤肉#39;t care China or Taiwan, they just acknowledged from their previous experienced with Communist that China Communist "Ten.Boot.Pot.Deed.Boot.Pot.Zhi.Pot. Republic of China.". You want anyone to spy for you in United States of America, he or she must at least have the strength like I had done before I indeed knowing God to stay home to watch USA major News broadcast c 房地產hannels only to improve his or her English social and political issues common sense. Killing is a heavy duty, I don't have guts to do like that, therefore, if anyone has guts and the skill to do the killing in a flash fastest mercy way, must be seen as hero.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 婚禮顧問  .
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