Suspect arrested in NYC car bomb case [Suspect arrested in NYC car bomb case]That how you want bomb, you must rely on your most powerful force to overcome shameless US military plain lies (Just question yo 術後面膜ur self, dare any police keep occupy your home instead of withdraw from your home immediately after finding no that wanted there? Shame on coward U.S.Military [That how the Cour 面膜t should question that prosecute how come US military can eat that Pakistan American public fund to bomb Afghan innocent poor, and still got fed by your Court and your prosecute taxed public fund running 婚禮顧問 around the world to suck, why that Pakistan American doing self-defense to bomb lifeless Times Square must have you sucking Court and prosecute to abuse your public power to waste public fund to arrest that powerless i 澎湖民宿ndividual bomber unrighteously instead of demanding your cold cold hard shameless rich and famous to close down the entire Times Square to force every New Yorker must stay inside their own place to behave themself like supposed prisoners must have 九份民宿to be, like this innocent second class American is doing to stay at her own place to please God order. You sucking rich and famous New Yorker criminals cannot have the best will to keep lowest profile to hide their lie, every one less rich less famous than any yo 室內裝潢ur shameless sucking New Yorker rich and famous, must have right to bomb them all, because that or those less rich less famous must have no way to kill them like you sucking cold cold hard USA CIA done around the world.] , no wonder that sucking female dressed animal dare shameless 室內裝潢ly lawless Godless wearing police title to invading that sucking Military site to kill. That how you need to do whatever it takes to nuclear the Entire Continent of America to root out US military forceful plain lies.), or you have to do like Middle East suicide bomber dare. You dare bomb, you m 土地買賣ust not afford to hide like coward. You can hide only when you showed your best individual will and best sniper skill to give that killed the most merciful way to leave (That how that or those Pakistan American or whatever American must have right to bomb that shameless cold cold hard lifeless Time Square, because New York 太平洋房屋does not respect American Constitution right that every American must have right to carry fire arms to show the best will best sniper skill to give one best gun shot to kill anyone the most merciful way to leave.)   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 術後面膜  .
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